About Us

Working Together

At Coachutive, everything we do is tailored to meet your needs. Our diverse team of highly professional coaches and advisors has access to a vast array of approaches and philosophies. In addition, we have all held senior positions in major organisations and businesses ourselves so we fully understand the highs and lows of corporate life. With this unique combination of commercial experience and coaching skill, we are able to both challenge and support you, and ultimately help you exceed your personal and professional expectations.

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Our Heritage

Coachutive has been coaching and advising senior leaders for many years. Chaired by Dean Lennard, the founder of Coachutive.

We continue to be pioneers and thought leaders in the fields of Coaching, Leadership and Culture Development today and are the chosen coaching provider for many of the world’s leading organisations.

Committed to Leadership Development

At Coachutive, we are committed to having a lasting and positive impact on the world. We do this by not only developing today’s leaders but also those of generations to come. The inspirational organisations below make a real difference to vulnerable children’s lives and we are pleased to provide pro-bono coaching and support for their important missions.