Manager vs Leader

Manager vs Leader

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Manager vs Leader

The defining difference between a manager and leader is that a manager has people work for them whereas a leader has people follow them.

To achieve success as an entrepreneur you will need to be a strong leader and manager so that your team will follow you on your journey and be on board with your vision. The leadership aspect is all about getting people to understand and really believe in your vision and work with you to achieve your goals. The management aspect will allow you to be effective in administering the day-to-day task to make sure they happen as they need to.

When a leader creates their vision it inspires and engages their people to turn it into a reality, they understand what it means to be a team working together and that highly engaged people working together accomplish great things rather than individuals working autonomously. Managers tend to focus on setting, measuring and achieving goals. They control situations to try and reach objectives.

Leaders proudly disrupt the status quo, with innovation being their mantra, they embrace change, understanding that waves are created when changes to a system are initiated. Managers stick with what “works” refining systems, structures and processes to attempt making them better.

Leaders will try new things even if they may fail miserably. As they understand that failure is one step closer to success. Managers avoid or try and minimise risk, they try to control their problems rather than embracing them.

Leaders seek to create and build relationships they focus on people, they corral all their stakeholders everyone that can make their vision a reality. They know who their stakeholders are and spend the majority of their time with them. They garner trust and build loyalty by always delivering on their promises. Managers focus all their time on structures and processes that are necessary to set and achieve goals. They work with individuals and their goals and outcomes.

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