We make a significant performance and life-enhancing impact

Board and Executive 1:1 Coaching

Many years ago, top Executives were simply responsible for the enterprise’s financial performance and the wellbeing of their people.

Times have changed.

Today’s Chairmen, CEO’s and Executive Committee members must deal with a myriad of pressures that never existed before – the tyranny of quarterly results, customer power through social media, shareholder revolts, press intrusions, environmental responsibilities, global competition, technological advances, new generational values and, more recently, volatile financial markets – to name but a few.

Add to this the changing relationships and governance structures at the top of big corporations and it’s not surprising that today’s leaders are extraordinarily busy, and often quite lonely, people.

In contrast, Non Executives face increasing media pressure and shareholder accountability.

Wherever you sit, it’s less comfortable at the top.

We know what it’s like because we have been there personally. Plus, as coaches to many of the top leaders in industry, we see these issues and challenges every day.

Coaching Helps You Hit Your Goals
Make a Difference Increase Performance

What difference do we make?

Our clients will tell you we make a significant, performance and life-enhancing impact on their businesses as well as their personal effectiveness and wellbeing. They frequently cite:

  • Our unique methodology and ‘Higher-Intent’ leadership framework which challenges them to think more deeply about their leadership and key relationships.
  • Enhanced ability to make meaning for others and to harness people’s deeper energies and creativity, resulting in breakthrough performance.
  • More sustainable energy levels, health and personal wellbeing resulting in increased work and life satisfaction.
  • And, most importantly, an increased sense of confidence they are making the right calls, hiring the right people and building strong aligned teams – and wider business cultures – that deliver or surpass stakeholder expectations.

Our clients are over achievers. With our help, they can perform beyond their own and others’ expectations. You can too, contact us today ›