Dedicated software development team

Dedicated Software Development Team

Dedicated software development team to help your business win.

Dedicated software development team to help your business win.

Pre-vetted and proven experts so that you can focus on what’s important - your business

On-demand extended team

Scale your development capacity without wasting time on hiring or onboarding. We drive daily tasks and code quality so that you can focus on the big picture.

Benefits of hiring through Coachutive

Easy team extension to remove complexity from hiring

While finding developers and freelancers is easy -- the difficulty comes in vetting them and making sure you get the person you need. It takes 800 hours to hire a team of 5 good people, onboard them, and have them start working on the project. And at the end of this ordeal, you're not even sure if you made the right choice or not.

On top of that, you’re busy. You’ve got products to ship. Deadlines to hit. CTOs, Directors, and PMs can't be expected to shift their focus to hiring when their time can be spent better elsewhere. Our Dedicated Development Team model is designed for companies who want to quickly ramp up their development capacity or extend their internal dev teams without any hassle.

Easy team extension

Talent pool at scale

Quickly scale up and down, with no need to get into a long, burdensome hiring process. With hundreds of developers across a wide range of skillsets, Coachutive gives you flexibility in extending your team.

Scale Quickly

Managed engagement

Most of our competitors provide TRANSACTIONAL hiring services. You post a gig, they match you up with a developer and you take it from there. We help you build software without having to manage employees by using proven processes.

Managed engagement

Reduce overheads

Cut down recruiting costs and operational overhead as there are no infrastructure costs or costs associated with hiring full-time employees. Most importantly with the proven team, there are no time-to-market revenue losses.

Better Bottom Lines

How we help you find the best talent

Contact us about your project

Let us know about your project needs and goals—the more details the better.

Our tech team then connects with you over a series of meetings in order to understand your business goals, project, tech stack, and all the other nuances that define your technical requirements.

Contact Us About Your Project

Tech roadmap with a hiring plan

Depending on your goals, we prepare a tech roadmap with a hiring plan that includes details on what skill set and experience your team needs to have.

The detailed tech roadmap includes things like what tech stack to use and how to navigate through tech complexities of the project.

Tech Roadmap With A Hiring Plan

Sourcing talent to match your needs

We look internally to find the perfect candidates for you first. If we don't find the right candidate then we tap into our talent network to see if we can hire through our partners.

If not then we hunt, run campaigns, use our recruiting strength to hire candidates matching your specs.

Sourcing talent to match your needs

Our screening process

When we have candidates we like we give them a stage to showcase their communication skills and problem-solving ability through a series of video interviews.

Here, we are looking for people with highly relevant skill sets, well-documented code, and a disciplined approach to testing.

Test projects to measure skills

Comprehensive small project tests are given to each developer. Their technical acumen is tested through an automated coding exam.

Focus is given to language-specific knowledge as well as general programming and algorithm knowledge.

Selection and hiring

We do full reference checks on your behalf with their previous clients and employers. We sign NDA and full proof legal contract to make sure your IP is protected.

Speed is what Coachutive takes pride in — it typically takes only 24-72 hours for our clients to receive a short list of top candidates.

Selection and hiring